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“I decided to sell the house so I had several people look at it. Barbara who came in and looked, she went through it and she gave me a pretty good offer up front and then I talked to her later and I got a little bit better offer and that was the agreement I wanted to go with. I felt she was very professional. I was pretty comfortable. I wanted to deal with you guys rather than another company just because I felt that you were a lot more professional than the other companies I dealt with, and I did deal with several.“

About Ocean City Development

Greater Boston-Area Real Estate Solutions Company 

Ocean City Development is a real estate solutions company, based out of Wakefield, Massachusetts.  We are locally owned and operated, and provide solutions to homeowners who are looking to sell their house.  When we purchase a home we buy it:

1.  As-Is: we do not require a formal home inspection

2.  On the seller’s time frame: we are flexible on closing dates.  We can buy your home in as quickly as seven days but have waited for some homeowners for over a year.

3.  With no contingencies: we are not required go through a standard loan process, which allows us to purchase homes in as little as 7 days.

We Are All-Cash Home-Buyers Who Purchase Boston-Area Homes For Sale

In short, we are Boston cash home buyers!

Ocean City Development is an all cash homebuyer who purchases properties from a variety of Boston area home sellers. This includes homes that are difficult to sell for a number of reasons and include the following:

• We Pay Cash For Boston-Area Homes in Which Homeowners Are Downsizing
• We Pay Cash For Boston-Area Homes in Which Homeowners Want to Relocate
• We Pay Cash For Boston-Area Homes in Which Homeowners Recently Retired

• We Pay Cash For Boston-Area Homes That Need Major Renovations or Repairs

• We Pay Cash For Boston-Area Homes That Have Been Inherited

• And much more…………………………….

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Ocean City Development will pay cash to purchase Boston-area homes from the owners, make any necessary repairs, and proceed to sell or rent each home to local real estate investors or qualified home buyers and tenants. It is through this process that we help home owners make a complex transaction very simple.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

There Are No Middlemen

This is what makes us different from all the other “cash buyer” ads that you may have found…

Even though they SAY they can close in 5 days and buy with cash, the truth of it is that they aren’t actually the ones to buy your house. Their only goal is to put you into a purchase agreement, and then (during the closing process) sell that contract to an actual cash buyer.

That makes them a middle man. 

And as Boston‘s top cash buyer who purchases the most homes in Massachusetts… we use no middle man and you deal directly with a real cash buyer with real home solutions to your situation.

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The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
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Download our FREE Guide here. Or, you can always feel free to Contact us anytime if you have questions, want a no hassle Situation Evaluation, or want to just learn more about how we can help homeowners sell unwanted properties for cash.

Get the FREE Guide and then give us a call at (781) 209-6025 and we’ll discuss what your home is worth and what we can offer to buy it for with our Cash Offer Program.